23 de junho de 2011

DAY1: introduce yourself. DAY2: first love. DAY3: parents. DAY4: what i eat today. DAY5: my definition of love. DAY6: my day. DAY7: my best friend. DAY8: a moment. DAY9: my believs. DAY10: what i wore today. DAY11: siblings. DAY12: what's in my bag. DAY13: this week. DAY14: my fears. DAY15: my first kiss. DAY16: favorite memorie. DAY17: favorite birthday. DAY18: something i regret. DAY19: my dreams. DAY20: this month. DAY21: another special moment.DAY22: something that upsets me.DAY23: something that makes me feel better. DAY24: something that makes me cry. DAY25: a first. DAY26: my prince charming.DAY27: my favorite place. DAY28: something i miss. DAY29: my favorite quote. DAY30: one last moment. DAY31: a person.

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